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We strive to provide a quality educational experience that will open every door and opportunity available to each of our students.
Gina Ferguson
Executive Director


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So, we got Brooklyn's scores in the mail late this afternoon!  She went from a 14 to a 20 (composite)!! That's high enough for the schools that are looking at her for volleyball!  

Her English went from 15 to 22, Reading went from 11 to 22, Math went from 16 to 17, Science from 14 to 18!!

Thank you for all of your help!



Hi Gina...

 Thanks so much for all your help! We just received the letter in the mail today from ASU bumping the scholarship from $3000/yr to $6000.00 per year! We are very pleased with the outcome from the added ACT tutoring!

Thanks again,




Today we received the PSAT scores. He has scored 1450 and his national merit scholarship selection index is 216. We don't know the cut off yet but we're happy about his performance. Thanks to you, Chris, and the tutoring house. see you soon 

Thanks and Regards


I was not a fan of tutoring in the beginning, but knowing it will help in the long run in my education, I stuck with it. The one on one sessions I had with the tutors was very helpful to hone in on the areas I needed the most help with. The tutors helped me learn the strategies of the test as well as the material. On my previous ACT test I scored a 17 on the English section, and after getting tutored my score increased by 11." Thank you so much for everything!!!

Matt, ACT Student


Thank you so much for working with Matthew.  He totally blew all of our expectations out of the water.  I would have been happy with a one or two-point improvement (on the ACT composite score).   But five points was amazing.  You provided exactly what he needed.  We could not be more proud of Matthew and what he’s achieved.   Thank you for helping make that happen.

"Hi Gina,

I just wanted to let you know Kate could not stop talking about how much she learned from her first tutoring session on Monday. After finishing her session she was very glad she went and is looking forward to next week. She mentioned her tutor had a way of explaining the problems and made her understand them better. Just thought you should know."

Thanks so much,


Rebecca is an average student who scored a 20 composite on the ACT test.  After working with the tutors at Tutor House she was able to bring the total up to a 24 composite score.  In the six weeks she was in tutoring she also brought her grades up and applied the tutoring to her classes where she won third place in regional competition and sixth place in state competition for the Floral class.  Thanks to Gina and her staff Becca is looking forward to going to Northern Arizona State in the fall. 



I could not ask for a better team of teachers. The Tutor House teachers and staff are excellent partners in Keiron’s academic learning. They are tolerant and caring teachers who want to see Keiron succeed in school. We especially like the Tutor House program because it is modified to fit Keiron’s learning style. It’s a program that continues to reinforce the fundamentals, instill excellent study habits as well as be instrumental in building and maintaining Keiron’s confidence and motivation toward school. I know Tutor House is helping him when I see the smile on his face. 



Just wanted to let you know that Kayla was so happy after her math session that she came home gave me a hug and thanked me for getting her back in with you...she was about to cry! She was so happy that she could do the math problems on her own. You and all of your staff are just wonderful and I am so thankful for all your hard work. Thank Kayla’s tutor also for me. Kayla really likes her and works well with her.



My son was able to get the help he needed at Tutor House. Gina has been supportive and encouraging. She was able to teach him skills that will benefit him on any test that he will take. My son's ACT scores have gone up, and he feels good about himself. Gina took a genuine interest in his success. We appreciate all her efforts.




During my time at Tutor House, I always felt welcomed and comfortable. The type of one-on-one experience you receive is unlike anywhere else. The devotion from the instructors themselves is what makes them so incredible. I first started going to Tutor House in December of 2011 and have continued to go there ever since. The quality of education I received there is, in my opinion, better than an actual school classroom. I learned what I needed at my own pace. My instructor never rushed me and helped me in every struggle I encountered. I would honestly recommend Tutor House to anyone who struggles in any subject or just wants to get ahead of the game. Either way, it doesn't get any more professional and enjoyable.

Damian Leyva, SAT Student

Thank you, Ms. Gina and Tutor House staff for a job well done. My 17-year-old daughter finally passed the AIMS after failing it twice. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos to Tutor House. It was the best investment that I made for my daughter.


Ms. Prendergast