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We strive to provide a quality educational experience that will open every door and opportunity available to each of our students.
Gina Ferguson
Executive Director


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Gina Ferguson
With 20 years of experience in the field of education, Gina has worked with students in a variety of academic environments. She has worked in the public school system as a School Counselor, as Dean of Ninth Grade and Associate Dean of Students at a private boarding school, and as an Educational Director at a learning center. This rich experience has given her a solid philosophy of education, which is the foundation of all of her interactions with students and families.

From her experience in the public school as a certified School Counselor, Gina brings the ability to work with students and families of diverse backgrounds and the ability to manage sensitive issues with judgment, tact, and discretion. As a School Counselor, not only did she promote academic success by helping students set personal and academic goals, she also taught them effective study habits and self-advocacy skills needed for them to excel.

In her experience as Dean of Ninth Grade and Associate Dean of Students in a private boarding school, Gina found that students respond positively to an accepting, nurturing environment where they have a voice and are encouraged to be active participants in the school community and in the learning process. Through this experience, she witnessed the importance of tapping into each student’s gifts and talents instilling in them the drive and motivation to learn.

With her experience as Educational Director of a learning center, Gina has first-hand knowledge of how to implement individualized and specialized educational programs designed to help students build skills essential for academic success. In her role as Director, she was responsible for maintaining educational standards and ensuring that the needs of each student were met by directing the delivery of educational programs offered.

All of these experiences have helped to solidify Gina’s educational philosophy, which is centered on the importance of a high-quality education. The basis of her philosophy is to foster an environment where there is mutual respect among students and teachers and where creativity and exploration are valued.

Teachers are the lifeline of the Center and deliver the highest quality education to each student. Our teachers are experienced educators and are knowledgeable in their field of instruction. Our teachers are committed to “helping each student reach his/her full potential by adhering to key Tutor House principles including promoting an accepting, nurturing learning environment where creativity and exploration are valued. Each teacher is dedicated to inspiring confidence and motivation in our students for their future success.

R.J. Pavlik
R.J. and her husband Mike retired from Ohio to Sun Lakes, Arizona, five years ago.  Mike taught Jr. High Art for 35 years.  They have two grown sons, one with a career in Business Management and the other is a Graphic Designer. R.J. is a certified  Elementary Teacher with over 20 years experience.  Her post-graduate work concentrated on Phonics and Reading education. 

Although most of her teaching experience was in the classroom, her career started as a Title 1 Reading Tutor.  She helped develop the Title 1 Math program for her district.  While teaching, she was awarded many educational grants used to integrate special projects for her students.  R.J. was named to “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” in 2004 and 2006. R.J. believes that children deserve every chance for success.  By teaching at Tutor House she can continue to help increase their knowledge, confidence, and independence, in order to give them the opportunity.


Austin Gregory

Austin recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University with undergraduate degrees in both Economics and Mathematics. He is currently a full-time student pursuing his master’s degree in Statistics, also at ASU. Austin was part of the Dean’s list every semester of his undergraduate career and was a JPMorgan Chase Scholar as well as a recipient of the President’s Scholarship. In his spare time, Austin likes to volunteer at his church and at charities such as Feed My Starving Children.  

Austin has been at Tutor House for three years, helping students accomplish their goals in ACT/SAT endeavors as well as in elementary, middle, high school and college subjects. Austin believes the key to students' success is for them to understand how to tackle problems, and he works to customize tutoring sessions to each individual student. 


Maurice Triplett
Maurice Triplett graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  Maurice has considerable teaching and tutoring experience. Over the past 20 years, he has tutored students in Physics, Chemistry, and all levels of math in his spare time.  For the past four years he has taught SAT and ACT Math and ACT Science.

Maurice believes in making math accessible and fun for students of all levels and abilities. He helps students gain a deep understanding of the topic so that they can apply skills independently and successfully in school and in life. Both his education and tutoring background show Maurice to be a skilled, experienced, and well-rounded tutor.